The Internet Marketing Machine

A Machine That Contains All The Online Marketing Tools You Will Ever Need

The Internet Marketing Machine is a server… Your private, dedicated server containing all the tools necessary to be successful at marketing anything online.

With this machine, you can capture emails, create a customer journey through funnels and email and keep track of it all with private web analytics and much, much more.

These tools allow you to go as far as your creativity and ambition will take you. With determination, effort and a little support, there is nothing standing in your way.

  • Web Server: Pre-loaded with WordPress, ready to host landing pages, conversion funnels and/or an entire community
  • Email Server: Your own personal email server, ready to propel your marketing, without limits
  • Marketing Automation: Tools to almost completely automate your marketing  efforts

This marketing powerhouse will take your online business ambitions to the next level. Everything you need to be a success is included.

Fully Managed Servers

No technical skills required, your server will be fully managed. All you have to do is create, promote and run your business.

You will have access to a help desk with an easy to use ticketing system in case of server troubles. Technical support is included in your membership at no extra charge so you can run your business worry free.

Community Support

Once you are signed up you won’t be on your own. There is a community of like minded entrepreneurs ready to help and answer questions.

Whether your questions are about conversion funnels, WordPress plugins, or how to use your email marketing software, there will be someone able to help.

Market Anything

Whether you have your own product or you intend to promote affiliate offers, The Internet Marketing Machine is the secret to success.

This all-in-one marketing server will put you head and shoulders above your competition. While they scramble to round up necessary tools offered by different providers, your entire suite of tools will be all in one place designed to work together perfectly, right out of the box.

Quick Start Training

Get off to a fast start with easy to follow tutorials.

But, even more important, you will learn information to help you prevent destroying your server’s reputation (especially your email server). The way you use your tools is important to long term success.

There are a lot of pitfalls in your path, this training material will help you avoid the worst of them.

Reliable Source Of Quality Traffic

Here is the part where almost all other online opportunities drop the ball. They leave it up to you to find reliable, quality traffic.

I make available traffic that’s reliable, high quality and targeted to online opportunities. Only Members have access to this traffic and I use it myself.

The Internet traffic business is full of fraud, so be cautious where you spend your money.

Now, For The Reality Check...

There are certain things you should understand about this opportunity before you move forward:

  • You know and accept there is no such thing as an effortless, push button, instant riches business opportunity
  • It’s nearly impossible to run any kind of business for free, including online businesses, you must spend a little money to survive and succeed
  • This opportunity, as well as every other legitimate business opportunity online, requires effort, you will likely work harder than you ever have before making your business grow, accept this fact and you will go far
  • You must understand that nothing is going to happen overnight, you have to be patient and persistent, but it will happen with dedication on your part
  • You are willing to be responsible with the power granted to you by your server and use these tools wisely and in a legitimate way (spammers need not apply)


If you made it this far, you probably have what it takes to succeed at an online business. A firm grip on reality, willingness to put forth effort, a little money and persistence, is what it takes to succeed.

You are the type of person I am looking for to share these tools with, because I feel confident you will put in what it takes to succeed.

So Lets See What Makes Up An Internet Marketing Machine...

The first thing everyone will want to know is how much it all costs. So, lets get right to it…



Note: Due to the size of the current order queue, there is at least a 4 day lead time for all new server orders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Month To Month

Beta Pricing

One Time Setup Fee: $150.00

Monthly: $40.00

Domain Name: $15.00 for .com per year

Total Today: $205.00

Includes Unlimited Tech Support

30 day Money Back Guarantee


Beta Pricing

One Time Setup Fee: $100.00

Annually: $360.00

Domain Name: Included

Total Today: $460.00

Includes Unlimited Tech Support

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Note: There is no additional fee to migrate your account from Month To Month to the Annual plan.

How Do You Use One Of These Machines To Make Money?

So, what exactly can you achieve with an Internet Marketing Machine?

Here is a short list:

  • Create attractive, professional Landing Pages.
  • Create Email Capture Forms and install them anywhere on your site.
  • Track visits to all pages with private analytics.
  • Segment prospects automatically by dozens of factors including interactions with your site/email.
  • Automate marketing activities including email campaigns and auto-responders.
  • Utilize multiple strategies, including Link Magnets, to entice prospects to give up their email address.
  • Market your own products, or, use multiple generic email capture pages/front end offers for affiliate marketing.
  • Too many more to list…

If You Put All This Together Yourself...

If you were to round up and pay for just a few of the necessary tools, to mimic how the Internet Marketing Machine works, at its minimum:

  • Mautic Marketing Automation – $100 a month
  • Standard WordPress Hosting – ~$10 – $15 a month with 1 year commitment
  • MailGun SMTP Relay – $35 a month

That’s $145 every month you have to overcome before even making a dime at your business.


Seems like a slow and risky way to get started especially since you’ll be on your own making everything work together smoothly.

On To Something A Bit More Fun...

As promised, I will explain everything in better detail so you have a clear idea what you get for your money. This is a complete marketing system that contains all the tools you will need to succeed.

The main overview of what an Internet Marketing Machine server consists of is:

  • Web Server: WordPress is pre-loaded, ready to serve up whatever landing pages you create.
  • Email Server: Your own email server you can use to market to, and keep in touch with, your audience.
  • Web Analytics: Private web analytics to keep track of visitors to your pages.
  • Web Based Marketing Automation Software: The installed software outperforms MailChimp, ConstantContact, and the rest, all without the monthly expenses. Unlimited lists, list size and email sends per day.
  • Email Server WebAdmin: Administer your email server, add/remove mailboxes, etc.
  • Web Based Email: Web based email client to send and receive email through your server.
  • Technical Support: Tech support is included.
  • Training: You get training in how to effectively administer your server, use its software and preserve its reputation. This is very important to long term success.
  • Community: You become a member of a like minded community in a private forum to get help and advice on almost anything digital marketing or help using your server.

All of the software installed on your server will be Open Source and are free to use.

Now, lets have a look at the different servers/software that will make up your Internet Marketing Machine experience:

Community - The Forum, You Can Ask/Answer Questions

Come here to ask and answer questions about Digital Marketing and how to operate your server. It is located at:

Note: This forum is private, you have to be a member to login.

Support - Easy To Use Ticketing System

Support is quick and easy. Using the intuitive ticketing system, you’ll always know where your request stands. Support is available at:

Note: The ticketing system is private, you have to be a member to login.

Training - Largely Tutorial Based And Easy To Follow

Training is quick and concise with these tutorials. Designed to help you get comfortable with the software that makes up The Internet Marketing Machine server. Training is available at:

Note: The training server is private, you have to be a member to login.

This is the front end to your Email Server. This web based email client allows you to compose, send and receive email on your server. It will be located at:

Simply go to your webmail subdomain and login to send/receive email from your server.

Roundcube Support

This is the web based software that makes administration of your Email Server a snap. It will be located at:

Simply navigate to your postfixadmin subdomain and login to make changes to your email server.

PostfixAdmin Forum

Mautic is a feature packed, yet easy to learn, Marketing Automation platform. This package is capable of automating your entire marketing cycle. It is incredibly powerful and able to handle everything you’ll need to market to your audience through multiple channels including email. It will be located at:

Simply go to your mautic subdomain, login and start creating email campaigns.

Mautic Manual

Open Web Analytics is a full featured visitor tracking and behavior analysis tool. All data collected about your visitors is locally stored and therefore, completely private. If you have ever used Google Analytics, this will look familiar. It is located at:

Just navigate to your owa subdomain and examine your site’s visitors and their behavior.

Open Web Analytics Support

This is an important part of your server. A website on your domain increses your server reputation and also helps to gain the trust of your visitors. Your WordPress install will be located at:

This front end to your business can be made into almost anything you could possibly need.

WordPress Documentation

The email server itself will just be hiding in the background dutifully sending and receiving email. The server is setup to:

  • Reject spam
  • Scan for viruses
  • Scan for malware
  • Have the best possible reputation for a new server (neutral)

Periodically, your server will email status reports about itself to you to help monitor its health.

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